FENDI ROMA: Artisans of Dreams 2016

FENDI ROMA: Artisans of Dreams 2016

The 2016 exhibition payed homage to the unique craftsmanship and creativity that have informed Fendi’s DNA.

The installations illustrate the dual perspective and complementary fit between heritage and innovation, values that define the artisanal craftsmanship that Fendi has meticulously perpetuated.

As an exhibition invigilator I teleported visitors into nine worlds that reveal Fendi’s heritage and history. Video, tactile interaction and audio combined for a multi-sensory experience, replete with optical illusions for a total immersion into the universe of the Italian house.

The Craftsmanship part of the exhibition features a stimulating visual and graphic atmosphere presents the work of artisans, including live demonstrations and Q&A’s- my knowledge of leather and fur was particularly advantageous. The exhibition of drawings and sketches by Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Fendi since 1965 was especially impelling.


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