Graduate Work in Progress Solo Exhibition

Graduate Work in Progress Solo Exhibition

Glasgow School of Art, Project Space 1

December 9-12, 2019

Melody Uyanga Ramsay is a fashion polymath, who sees fashion as a means to explore ideas of identity and self-expression. 
Ramsay is interpreting what it means to have a voice in modern fashion, exploring ideas of identity and aspiration through her work, as she’s been given free rein to fill The Art School gallery with ‘cloth sculptures’ and extracts of her working processes; you are invited to exist for a few moments in Melody Uyanga Ramsay’s universe.
The main themes are British identity and the politics of aspiration informed by fashion as an intuitive means to understanding identity constructs such as heritage. 
As you start to figure out her visual language; it’s onefull of beauty, transporting you with British heritage narratives, a love affair with Americana, and a bizarre suggestion of post-soviet aesthetics. This melting-pot of culture and art forces to overwhelm and define you. It almost makes you want to run home and build your own shrine, to define your own aesthetic universe.

Through her research, she has developed a design process that involves a rich cross-pollination of sources, bringing together literary, material and visual references. 

Her fashion collection is presented as a meditation on cultural narratives, presented within a carefully considered scenography. 
Drawing upon the images and textiles of authoritarian dress in a transnational dialogue, she moves across time and space by bringing these references under the lens of a new era in postcolonial critique. 

Patchwork Developments and Tartan Research
Exhibition Models and Performance
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