Postcolonial Theory

Postcolonial Theory

Selected Pages from my research sketchbooks

Your personal ensemble of garments to an extent demonstrates an expression of individual identity; however, I am inquiring into how our clothed performances of identity present our aspirations and furthermore the source of such fantasies. My research epistemology asks these questions in relation to my practice as a fashion designer specialising in concept design.

My interrogation into aristocracy in luxury fashion has granted my studio practice a deeper purpose, I hope to continue to confront authoritative silhouettes, informed by dress history and initiate fashions of design subversion.

I define my practice and its reliance on post-colonial theory, discussing scholarly voices and applying critical methodologies in order to ratify my work. An analysis of key texts in fashion theory, semiotics and sociology help to guide my understanding of the predicaments of identity.

My experience designing at Ralph Lauren initiated my infatuation into the politics of fashion fantasies and how this informs my personal work.

Contemporary fashion design goes far beyond any seemingly simplified idea of self-expression, our choice of clothing in the modern world offers us a visual narrative of social hierarchy and so by tailoring for women of colour*, I ask how dress can influence and transgress social parameters.

 In an endeavour to bind my academic theory to my practice I kept a strenuous account of research papers, archival articles and artefacts which I sewed, collaged and documented into 7 large hardback books.

This process of research was liberating in that through physically restructuring and collaging selected essays into predated books acquired from the GSA library clear-out sales, I was physically restructuring historic documentation and in turn initiating new object biographies.

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