Weave Collaboration with Nicha Wattanapongsin

Weave Collaboration with Nicha Wattanapongsin

Nicha Wattanapongsin and Melody Uyanga Ramsay have collaborated together to produce a capsule accessory collection supported by an exploration of woven textiles, sculpture, installation and photography.

Their joint dialogue between art, craft and design draw from an effort to capture the melancholic sensibility of living in Scotland as Asian women, and finding a sense of the ‘everyday’ away from their homelands.  

Reversing repetitive techniques of conventional handweaving, Wattanapongsin’s mode of creation preferences distortion and displacement. Starting with a solid block of multiple weaves, a carefully calculated process pares back over thousands of fine threads, resulting in a frayed, multi-dimensional finish. The self-developed technique creates variations of shade, tone and texture that translate into intricate and compelling patterns.

Ramsay has sculpted the accessory collection in a zero-waste pattern cutting method by revealing the forgotten narratives and aesthetic power of utility and the every day. Drawing from her upbringing in Mongolia, where zero-waste practices are inherent within a nomadic lifestyle she seeks to interpret Western society’s blindness to the transformative possibilities of raw materials, in objects of the mundane. 

Together creating a collection that duplicates the aesthetics of lonely experiences, geometric patterns and asymmetric forms answer one another through the translucency of the material, creating narratives alluding to their shared yet very separate experiences of discombobulation.

To be melancholy is to know that many of the things we most want are in tragic conflict: to feel safe, and yet to be free; to have money and yet not to have to be indebted to others. To be in intimate communities and yet not to be suppressed by the expectations of society. To travel and see the world and still manage to put down deep roots.

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