Exhibiting Artist, Collection 2.0, 2020

Selected by a panel at the TATE
including Ib Kamara, our editorial 
(out of over 800 entries) was selected to be featured on billboards in London.

Fashion Design and Art Direction
Melody Uyanga Ramsay

Domenic Manderson

Alexis Cheng Peng


Exhibiting Artist - TATE Lates, TATE Britain, 2022

‘Future Loading...’ was selected to be displayed
at the TATE Britain in the Henry Moore Room,
to celebrate the opening of Shawanda Corbett’s
exhibition ‘Art Now’ on cyborg futures and human
relationships with technology and AI. 
Creative Direction, Casting, Production
Melody Uyanga Ramsay

Photography, Creative Direction
Hung-Jui (Daniel) Tsao

Ella, Connie, Clara, Katie, Eilidh

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